Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mexican Mango Tea

We've got a new tea in the shop, just in time for the (slightly) warmer weather!

Mexican Mango is a lovely black tea blend, flavored with mango and just a hint of chile. The chile doesn't really make it spicy, it just adds a nice background note to help punch up the mango flavor.

We think this would make a great iced tea, perfect for a party on those nice Spring weekends. It's a seasonal tea for us, though, so it won't be in the shop forever. Grab some for yourself in the shop or on our website.

Hugo the Robot

We'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Perennial Tea Room staff -

Well okay, he might not actually be on staff here, but he does provide a valuable service - infusing tea, and looking darn cute while doing it.

He hangs out in your cup to infuse your tea (kind of like relaxing in a hot tub) and comes with a little dish to stand in so he doesn't drip tea on your counter.

You can get your own Hugo the Robot tea infuser in the shop and on our website.