Monday, March 26, 2012

Shakespeare's Birthday - celebrate with PG Tips

Come and celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday and St. George's Day with us on April 23rd (a Monday this year).

Meanwhile, while you are enjoying your PG tips, read on...

In the 1930's Arthur Brooke created Pre-Gest Tee - meaning one could drink this before digesting food. Grocers then shortened this to PG and the tips of course came from the top two leaves and a bud used to make the tea.

PG tips went into tea bags and the 1960's and took off! It is now the best selling tea in England.

You'll be pleased to know that PG Tips is now a fully certified Rainforest Alliance partner - meaning the tea is grown using sustainable farming methods and insuring that the people who pick the tea can earn a better living and have access to education and medical care.

So brew up a cuppa for yourself or to share with a friend.