Monday, February 25, 2013

Sakura Sencha - It's Cherry Blossom Time

Sakura Sencha is now available at the Perennial Tea Room.  This lovely 1st flush Shizuoka Japan Sencha  is only available to us  in early spring when the cherry blossoms flower in Japan.

The tea is carefully scented with natural cherry flavors and the Sakura leaf.  The leaf is used in Japan to enhance the taste of a number of traditional dishes.

It is possible to re-steep your leaves.

We only bring in a very small amount of this limited quantity tea.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Create your own tea sampler pack

New this year in shop is our section of the store where you can create your own tea sampler from a selection of pre-packed sample size loose leaf teas. 

We'll pack your selections into a cute cello bag with a colorful twist and give you a discount for 4 or more of the samples.

Perfect for a sweet gift of tea, or just a good way for you to try some new teas for yourself.

We'll also be doing this at the Northwest Tea Festival the first weekend of October at the Seattle Center.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tea infusers offer a handy convenient way to steep your tea.
Some are very functional - like this For Life infuser which fits in your mug or teapot and has a very fine mesh to make sure none of the leaves get into your brew.  It also has lots of room so that your tea leaves have room to steep and aren't squished fighting for space to infuse.

There are also tea infusers that work, but are mainly just for fun - collectible infusers for lovers of the shapes they come in - novelty infusers.

The ducks and our newest novelty infuser, the tugboat, float in your cup while the tea in the attached infuser brews you a fun cup of tea.

So whatever you use, practical or fun - enjoy your cup of tea!