Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet a Bergamot - Earl Grey week

If you are in the Pike Place Market stop in this week through Saturday January 14 to meet a real live Bergamot, the heart of Earl Grey! And, enjoy a 10% discount on all of our Earl Grey blends - online or by phone, mention the Earl Grey offer, in store- your discount is automatic. From Harney and Sons Paris to Lavender Earl Grey, from Irish Earl Grey to our Earl Grey Extra, this is the week to stock up on one of the best known and best loved of all the flavored teas. All of our loose bergamot teas are naturally scented with the oil from this fragrant fruit.

Bergamots are traditionally grown in sunny Italy, but we have found a wonderful grower in California, Rising C Ranches,, and we are able to actually order bergamots to show off in the store.

If you do stop in, we have only a few bergamots left to sell - use the zest to add to chocolate truffles, the juice and zest in pound cakes, no end to what a bergamot lover can do!

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