Friday, September 16, 2011

Tea Fact Friday - Longjing - Dragon's Well

Hello again and welcome to Tea Fact Friday. I am sipping a cup of Buddhist Tea while I contemplate the fact(s) of today, Longjing or Dragonwell Tea. One of China's 10 Most Famous Teas and certainly, the best known of all China Greens. First grown in Hangzhou in the west lake region of Zhejiang. It is known for its "four uniques" - jade colour, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnut-like flavor and singular shape. The pan fried leaf is flat, slick to the touch and smooth; a classic leaf style for many pan fried green teas. Besides different seasons, there are up to 8 grades of traditional Longjing: "Lotus Heart" is the rarest, consisting of bud only; then comes "flagged spear." a bud and single leaf; then "bird's beak," a bud between two leaves. Much Longjing is now produced in Fujian and elsewhere outside the classical area of origin and much of this is very good quality tea.

Thanks again to The Tea Dictionary, by James Norwood Pratt, published by Tea Society Press, San Francisco, California; printed in India.

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