Friday, September 23, 2011

Tea Fact Friday

Hello and welcome to Tea Fact Friday, again! Today's fact is about Hagi stoneware.
Hagi-yaki is high fired stoneware that originated in Korea and was brought to Japan in the 1550's by two Korean potters, Li Sukkwang and Li Kyong. The Daimyo Lord Mori Tenumoto gave them permission to buil a kiln in exchange for Hagi pieces which could be used in the tea ceremony and for gifts. Hagi-yaki is made from soft clay with a milky white glaze.

At the NW Tea Festival next weekend (October 1-2) at Fisher Pavilion the World Green Tea Association will demonstrate the Japanese Tea Ceremony on Sunday afternoon, October 2. Come see this pottery used in it's intended manner by an expert in the ancient art of tea!

Thanks also to James Norwood Pratt's Tea Dictionary for this information. Published by the Tea Scoiety Press, San Francisco, Calif. Printed in India 2010.

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