Friday, August 19, 2011

Tea Fact Friday

Hello! I am back to Tea Fact Friday! Had a wonderful experience at the 1st annual Los Angeles Tea Festival. Two full days of nothing but tea with people who love tea and can talk about it all day long!! Over 1000 people attended which is terrific! I can't wait for our 4th annual NW Tea Festival, October 1-2 at Seattle Center! Mark your calendars!

Here is a fact: There is nothing to make me more exhilarated than drinking and discussing tea with other tea lovers for several hours a day!

Another fact: Ceylon is the colonial name of the island of Sri Lanka. The ancient Sinhalese name was re-adopted by the island when it became a Sovereign Republic in the Commonwealth in 1972. It was always known to the Arabs as the Ilse of Serendip. World-famous teas grown on the island continues to use the colonial name.

Thanks to James Norwood Pratt's Tea Dictionary, The Tea Society Press, San Francisco, Printed in India 2010/

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