Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tea Fact Friday/Saturday

Well, someone was asleep at the switch! Tea Fact Friday will be on Saturday this week. Sorry to keep you waiting. Today's Tea Fact is about the Opium War waged by Great Britain against China in 1840-41. Opium was the primary trade commodity of the East India Trading Company. The Company grew opium in India and sold it in China. China moved to outlaw the sale of opium and Great Britain declared war in defense of the Trading Company. After losing the war, China was forced to cede Hong Kong to Britain and open 4 ports to British trade which was opium. Ultimately Britain/East India Trading Co. gave up opium production for tea production, but that is another fact.

Thanks again to James Norwood Pratt's Tea Dictionary, Tea Society Press, San Francisco, California. Printed in India

See you Tuesday - Julee

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