Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tea Myth Tuesday - Back Again

Hello again! It feels like ages since I have looked at tea and myths, but it was just one week.
Amazing our perceptions of time. OK! Here we go! Today's myth is: White Teas have less caffeine than green or black teas. Here are some figures from my friend Nigel Melican that I got at the World Tea Expo:
White teas had a caffeine range of 3.4 - 5.7% with a caffeine mean of 4.9%.
Green teas' caffeine ranged from 1.7 - 3.9% with a caffeine mean of 2.9%
Black teas' caffeine ranged from 2.0 - 5.4% with a caffeine mean of 2.5%.
The same amounts of white and green teas were measured with slightly MORE black teas measured. Therefore, I declare this myth BUSTED! See you Friday for Tea Facts!


Thanks to Nigel Melican at Teacraft, Ltd. , Bedford, England

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