Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tea Myth Tuesday - Caffeine Tea vs Coffee

Hello and late again:
Today's myth relates to caffeine: Tea and Coffee have the same amount of caffeine.
OK this one has two parts:
Part One: Dry product caffeine (g/kg)
R&G Arabica 9 - 12
R&G Robusta 18 - 22
Typical green/black tea 29 - 35

Part Two: Prepared product caffeine (mg/250ml)
Drip Brewed Coffee 106 - 173
Percolated Coffee 128 - 216
Starbucks Decaf 15
Assam 86
Green 59
White Bai Mu Dan 75

So, there you have it - partly Busted partly accurate. I guess it depends on whether you drink your tea dry or wet. See you next time.

Oh, Thanks to Nigel Melican and Teacraft for the information


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